What to Expect

What to Expect

We know every church has their little own culture and tradition and so going to a new church can be intimidating or confusing. We want to let you know up front what you are likely to experience walking in the doors at Northside.

This isn’t about what we expect from you! We don’t have any expectations put on people when they come.

This is what a typical normal Sunday service looks like

8:15am – the doors of the church will be opened.
There are normally 1 or 2 greeters at the door to welcome everyone as they come and to offer them the weekly church bulletin. During this time they also have some donuts and coffee available for anyone who wants them.

9:00am -Sunday School/small groups time begins.
There are a number of different classes for adults. For the children, the nursery is staffed by 2 people, and the rest of the kids going from pre-K to 12th grade have their own Sunday School groups based on what age they are in. Classes usually around 10:15.

10:30am -Main worship service time.
During this time, there is also a kids’ worship service downstairs with Pastor Caroline and her volunteers where they can sing, dance, and learn. Note: You can keep your kids in service with you if you would prefer. We like having them there too!

  • Normally, we will start off singing a few songs together. Our music style is generally contemporary and upbeat. Some people will be clapping, and others won’t. Some might raise their hands, and others won’t.
  • After a few songs there will be some general announcements made for the whole church. This is followed by a time to take an offering to help fund the mission and ministries at Northside. No donation is required, and you won’t be made to feel guilty if you decide not to give or cannot give very much.
  • After the offering might be one or two more songs followed by Pastor Tim’s sermon.
  • Service normally concludes around 11:45.

The last Sunday of every month we have a family service where there is no kids service so the kids can be with the adults and everyone worships together. We also serve the Lord’s Supper (also known as the Eucharist and Communion) during this time. We have an open table; we don’t have age restrictions, and you do not need to be a member of our church to be able to take Communion.