I’m New

I’m New

First of all, don’t panic! It won’t take you long at Elkhart Northside to realize you’re not alone! This is truly a family -growing together, worshipping together, serving together, laughing and crying together.

We believe that every person and family who comes into Elkhart Northside’s circle of fellowship was sent by God Himself. It’s not by accident that we have the joy of meeting you. So, above all, we want to express Christ’s love to you with genuine heartfelt warmth. We’re eager to know you and share with you the marvelous ways God is working at Elkhart Northside!

As you enter the main doors, more than likely one of our Foyer Hosts will greet you and guide you to our Welcome Center. There you can find all the answers to your questions (like “Where’re the restrooms!”).

You’ll see suits and ties, blue jeans and khakis, saints in the faith and families with small children all around you. Our worship celebrations are attended by all ages, backgrounds and interests. You can expect some traditional elements like congregational singing, prayer and offerings, and oftentimes some newer worship elements like dramas and readings. Sit or stand as you wish; join in at any level you’re comfortable with.

Our doors and our hearts are open. If you’ve been thinking, praying, searching and hoping for a place to belong….

……Welcome Home!


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